If my mom guest posted…

My mom is an amazingly resilient woman.  On March 11, 2011, at age 77, she was hospitalized with acute renal failure and sepsis from an e coli infection.  She spent 27 days in the hospital, fighting for her life and returned home, just a couple weeks ago, with my dad, age 79.  They now have help at home.

My mom receives visits from speech therapy, occupational therapy and a nurse and was granted the okay to attend physical therapy with a tall, strong Polish therapist who is known as a miracle worker.  She is exercising, learning to walk again and cussing everyone out.  In other words, she’s getting better every day. (Knock on wood).

My mom is a little 4 foot 9 inch Korean import and a firecracker.  My son is 3 feet 10 inches tall and a little firecracker.  He is also in speech and occupational therapy.  Both demand my time.  I love them both.  They are definitely related.

In between, there is me, blogging about both.  If the tables were turned and my mom were to blog, I’m actually a little afraid of what that might sound like.  Honestly?  Here is my take (humiliating and all) of what it might sound like…

This is me, Kim and my husband. I look pretty good here!

“안녕하세요.  [An-nyeong-ha-se-yo] Hello, how are you?  I am Kim.  Do you know my daughter, Karen? She is a lawyer.  I have one daughter.  She is very smart.  She does not get that from her father.  I make her go to law school.  She no want to go.  I push her.  Push is good for Karen.

You ask my husband.  I was the the one – always push her.  She’s lazy otherwise.  She would not get anywhere without me.  I made all the money in the family.  I worked very hard as a sales clerk, saved and saved, and bought my own hotel business.  We started small with a small hotel and bought a second one.  I don’t like to brag and I don’t want anyone to think I have money.  (You can’t trust anyone).  But I live comfortably because I know how to handle money.  (My husband and my daughter just spend it- they don’t know how to save like I do.)

My daughter gets fat sometimes.  But she is very pretty when she is on diet.  (She needs another diet right now.)  I don’t bother telling her she fat anymore  because she is a good girl.  I don’t care how you look.   Who you are inside is important.  I used to think how you look so important.  I don’t care anymore.

For a long time, I tell my daughter, “Have a baby!”  She fights me for everything!  She never listen right away.  She was always saying she did not need to have a baby.  I have to keep telling her, “Your life is not complete until you have a baby.  You must have a baby.  You will love the baby.  You don’t understand until you have your own. Then you see how much love it bring you.”

My daughter finally had a baby when she was over 40.  (She don’t want me to tell you that- so don’t say anything to her).  She thinks she was too old to have a baby.  I say, “Phfft!  You can still have a baby.  It doesn’t matter your age.”  I think she finally have that baby because I got very sick about seven years ago and she knew I wanted a grandchild.

I was worried about whether the baby would be good looking.  My grandson is beautiful.  I don’t know how he came out so beautiful but he did.  My grandson loves me more than he love his grandpa – my husband.  (Ha ha!)  My grandson is loud and jumps all around sometimes, but I love him.

I came to U.S. from Korea when I marry.  My husband is a good man.  Do you know, we have been married 56 years?  Not many people can say they been married 56 years.  He is with me all the time.  I love him with my whole soul.  He is so handsome.

That’s enough about me.  You know too much now.  Go get me some Kim Chee.  I’m hungry and tired.  You can tell me about you if you want but I will probably fall asleep while you talk.  Thank you.  “감사합니다.  [Gam-sa-hap-ni-da]

[Today, I joined the ranks of the 100s of bloggers who post from Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop.  You can find her by clicking the sidebar or here.  She provides a list of writing prompts on Tuesdays.  The links to posts based on the prompts go live on Thursdays and stay up for a week. ] 

My chosen prompt was “If your mom were a blogger”  


About solodialogue

I'm a lawyer and the mom of a 6 year old boy with autism. I work part time and spend the rest driving here and there and everywhere for my son's various therapies. Instead of trying cases, I now play Pac-man and watch SpongeBob. I wear old sweaters and jeans and always, always flat shoes to run after my son. Yeah, it's different but I wouldn't change it for anything. The love of my child is the most powerful, beautiful and rewarding aspect of my life.
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42 Responses to If my mom guest posted…

  1. That was a fun read. I also read your profile. I have an good online friend who also has a son with autism. I really respect the challenges that must be met in helping kids get a good education and have a good life when they have autism. So many times the educational system itself seems to put up road blocks.

    • solodialogue says:

      Thanks for stopping by! We are still at the very beginning of the educational adventure. We have our struggles that are different and the same. My son is full of fun and love and amazes me every day with his wit, his charm and his strength. 🙂

  2. Kelly says:

    This is awesome! I love that prompt. If my mom blogged for me, first, it would be written on a piece of paper – not online. Second, there would be many more typos. Third, it would be filled with God-speak. Very, very different from my blog. Well, other than the typos!

  3. Broot says:

    I love it. I can totally hear her voice. 🙂 Ka pai! (That means well done! in te reo Maori)

  4. Heather says:

    haha i loooove this!

  5. C... says:

    If my mom blogged for me she’d not get very far. Technology is confusing for her. She’d type well but would fudge it up somehow at some point and lose her post LOL.

    Great blog post!!

  6. Please tell your mom 안녕하세요 from me and the Little Miss!

    I absolutely LOVE how you captured the voice and your mother’s old-world style of pride! It sounds like she would get along really well at a picnic with my family! 🙂

  7. Haha, this was very funny, loved it!

  8. Rachel says:

    What’s really scary is that, if you change some of the tenses and put the verbs at the very end of each sentence, this would read like the words of a prototypical Jewish mother:

    “For a long time, ‘Have a baby!’ I say. But about everything, with me she fights! God forbid to her mother she should listen! She is always saying, ‘A baby I don’t need.’ But a baby she should have.”

  9. Ha! I love it:) I felt like your mom was standing right there.

  10. Jessica says:

    Your mom wouldn’t hold anything back would she.

  11. Frelle says:

    i think your mom is also related to my friend’s mom.. have heard these same comments the same way!! Glad you linked up with this for a look into your life 🙂

  12. Stephanie says:

    Ha ha, love it! Your Mom does sound like quite a little firecracker. I’m glad to hear she’s getting better every day. 🙂

  13. Danica says:

    Karen that was Fabulous… Happy to hear your mom is making progress. She has the spirit of my own mom LOL.. If my mom were to guest blog for me WOW!! Not sure if I am ready for that one. She also tells how it is. This is the same woman who raised 10 kids and listened to Zeplin & Poverati. Suffice to say she would turn this bloggers world upsidown HaHaHa Love my mom..
    I look forward to reading your post when I wake up. Thanks for the smile

    • solodialogue says:

      Thanks Dani! My mom is blunt and does not spare feelings. She can also heap the guilt on at any given moment (now there’s a talent)! Zeppelin and Luciano Pavarotti? There’s some good taste! I like her already… 🙂

  14. I love this! Glad she’s getting better too.

    It’s interesting to see how family traits get passed down. A. is every bit as stubborn as my Dad- I like to think it skipped a generation with me, but I’m pretty sure Brian would disagree.

  15. Lindsey says:

    Your mom sounds like a hoot and a holler! It seems like you did a great job of capturing her voice. Visiting from Mama Kat’s.

  16. solodialogue says:

    Haha! Stubborn runs in my family too and you know it’s on my husband’s side of the family…

  17. I loved reading this. Your mum sounds great and I’m glad to hear she is getting better. I love the writing prompts idea.

    • solodialogue says:

      Hi Deb! So glad you came by! I’m loving all the info you have on your blog. Thank you for your kind words. As I said to Meg, you should check out Mama Kat! She is very funny!

  18. Meg says:

    What a brilliant idea, to blog as your mother. That must have been fun, and a healing for you as well. Your mom is a kick! Thanks and glad she is recovering.

    • solodialogue says:

      Mama Kat’s writing prompts! She’s the best! You should check her out Miss Meg… I think you would find a world of funny there. Thanks for the well wishes for mom!

  19. Grace says:

    I love this! I can hear your mom’s accent in my head. If she rocks half as much in real life as she does in my mind, she is one awesome lady.

    I may have to use this idea in the future, but it would be a very short post because my mom can’t even figure out how to get on my blog, much less guest post there.

    • solodialogue says:

      She’s a character, I’ll give you that much… My mom can’t figure out how to do any of it either. I just improvised. It’s really not hard to channel your mom’s personality – scary but not hard. 😉

  20. Lynn says:

    In summary: Karen is fat and lazy. Well, that’s what I got out of it anyway 🙂 Glad to hear that she is bouncing back and hoping that she’s well enough to keep “pushing” you.

  21. eof737 says:

    Goodness me! This is fantastic and I could hear your mom all the way! What a riot; she is a firecracker and her 56 years of marriage is a great blessing. Thanks for sharing so honestly Karen… I really loved this post. You are your mother’s daughter too. 🙂
    I got off a long haul flight today and might not be able to do Mamakat’s this week… 🙂

  22. Aspergirl Maybe says:

    This was so fun to read – I loved it! I shudder to think what my mom would say if she blogged for me. 🙂

  23. Jen says:

    Very entertaining blog! I have lots more to read…thanks for sharing!

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