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Disinterested Halloweener…

The first Halloween was easy.  He was only five months old.  We put him in a little lion costume and took him to the office and to the neighbor’s house and home.  He had no idea what was going on.  … Continue reading

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Weekend Archives.

It’s early evening when I usually sit down to prepare a post.  At that time, another day has passed.  Another opportunity to grow, learn, reach out and touch someone’s life. My little boy is tired.  I’m tired.  We need our … Continue reading

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At the beginning of the summer, I fell.  I was running in my socks to answer the phone. When I got around the corner, I slipped, like I was on ice, and tore up my knee.  My son was the … Continue reading

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Missing Genes…

About a year ago, I came home one day, arms full of toys,  my son’s half eaten Happy Meal, his water bottle, and grocery bags and saw the light from our answering machine blinking in the kitchen.  After setting everything … Continue reading

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I know, intellectually, that there is no cure for autism.  And yet, I hope.  Every day that my son wakes up, I hope that he will surprise me, look in my eyes and say, “Good morning mommy!”  Every morning that … Continue reading

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Beautiful Eyes.

There was an article recently publicized in the media about facial differences of children with autism.  The study’s author, Kristina Aldridge remarked that ASD children have beautiful eyes.  I, personally have often thought that ASD children are quite beautiful especially … Continue reading

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“Appropriate” Education Ain’t Free.

In the U.S., every child is entitled to a free and appropriate education (FAPE).  This is an easy thing to say, but what does it mean?  Every state has it’s own interpretation and every child has his/her individual needs.  But … Continue reading

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