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Merry Christmas!

Politically incorrect?  So be it!!  Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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No Big Deal.

I wanted to stick with light, happy stories for Christmas.  But that’s not my life.  What I’ve had going on is a kid with a snotty, runny nose, screaming, yelling and pooping his pants through my house, non-stop this past … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Well, there are many times when I believe my son has undergone a sensory overload. Oddly, whenever he cons his dad into taking him to Dave & Buster’s?  No meltdown.  [Okay – probably just jinxed myself]  Go Figure…

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T’s Christmas Performance.

On Friday, my little guy made his starring debut – live on stage at the local church chapel. He was in the Christmas presentation by his kindergarten class.  There are 14 children in his kindergarten class.  Together, they spelled out … Continue reading

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The Three Houses, A Holiday Tale.

[There have been some nasty exchanges going on around the internet. Name calling, ignorance and anger abound. It makes me sad, in this holiday season. This is my response.] Once upon a time, there was a village.  It had places … Continue reading

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The Near Arrest.

With all the holiday rushing around and getting ready for the big “Christmas Performance” at school tomorrow, I’m really at a loss to post about any particular topic in depth.  So, instead of trying to write something really brilliant, I’m going … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday… The Helper.

Every year, I decorate the tree – usually alone. This year, I had a supervisor for the train that goes underneath.

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