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Tootles does not respond on the first try of getting his attention.  Or the second, third or fourth try.  This is not an exaggeration.  This is our reality.  It is a core component of his autism. It is also the … Continue reading

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Out of Focus.

One day one of my son’s tutors was running late to school.  Instead of just dropping him off, I stayed to prompt him through his “morning routine”.  He had on a coat.  He could not really get it off because … Continue reading

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DVD Flashbacks.

We travel by car about an hour a day for commute time.  Long before we had a diagnosis, we bought a car with a DVD player in it to keep the little guy occupied.  Soon enough, I learned that a … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – but really… read the words for this one.

Homework night, reading Shark in the Park!  snuggled in jammies, having taken a bath, it was a perfect bonding moment. We get to the pointy shark “teeth” and he’s struggling to pronounce the word. I point to the picture asking, … Continue reading

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Learning Good versus Evil, Team Umizoomi Style.

Good versus evil.  An age old question.  Right now, it is a 5 year old’s question.  Which TV characters are good and which are bad and why?  My son is asking when he is good or bad.   He seems … Continue reading

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The IEP Meme.

Rather regularly, parents have been writing about the struggles they undergo in attempting to obtain appropriate educational services for their children.  We write about the fights, the attempt to give us less and “save money” by the schools and the … Continue reading

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Finding the Happy Bits.

Days and nights are difficult for me now.  I won’t bore or depress you with details. Let’s just say I hate the hospital emergency room and leave it at that.  I’ve seen way too much of it. I have a … Continue reading

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