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Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Since the EEG, someone has been extra sour puss when his head is touched.  So, the OT had an idea… Looking a little apprehensive. Getting doused. Hey, I guess this is cool. Again!! Hey, this is fun!

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What Number Are You Dialing?

My son loves the iPhone.  It’s small and full of games, music, videos.  What’s not to love, right?  How about the purpose for which it was named, i.e., using a phone.   This has always been the last thing on my … Continue reading

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The Campaign.

I’ve mentioned before that a fortune teller once predicted to my mom, many years ago, that she would have one grandchild, a boy, who would grow up to be in politics.  Well, two outta three, right?  One grandchild and a … Continue reading

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Open it!

There’s so many little things about parenting, aren’t there?  All the ways to raise your babies, “right”.  The heavy stuff.  Then, there are all the annoying little details.  The things you don’t think about or find in the books. And … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Thank you for all your kind support yesterday.  Yes, the EEG placement went so much smoother than the first experience!   Sedation was necessary still.  (He cannot help but melt down whenever his head is touched for anything beyond a … Continue reading

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Repeat Performance.

We’re going back in.  Heaven help us.  As you read this, we have headed back in for a repeat EEG. Yeah, because the first one was sooo much fun. Not. Believe it or not, since I first blogged about the … Continue reading

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Self Taught.

Since my son was able to walk, regardless of his ability to verbally communicate, he always made it clear what he liked and didn’t like.  And it’s always been that what he likes, he loves.  What he doesn’t like, he … Continue reading

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