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The Four Letter Word.

[I preface this post by saying that the views reflected here are mine.  I pass no judgment on anyone for their expressions of speech or thoughts.  I am sharing my own thought process.  I respect your right to feel differently.] … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…

If you know me on Facebook or Twitter or even just here, you know it is a rare event if I post a photo of myself other than the standard profile photo I’ve used from the beginning of the blog. … Continue reading

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I tried to make it a Melatonin loving household.  Personally, I loved the Melatonin.  It was like a magic potion.  Within 30-45 minutes of a 1 ml squirt in the boy’s mouth, he’d be passed out in dreamland.  He was … Continue reading

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Here’s Johnny…

When I first married my husband, many moons ago, I had my fair share of sister-in-law  interaction with his younger brother.  My brother-in-law is a really, nice person.  He’s the youngest of four kids in my husband’s family.  He’s very … Continue reading

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If you’ve been reading here any length of time, then you know that I have an itsy, bitsy, problem with food.  I LOVE food.  You know that saying, “Don’t live to eat.  Eat to live.”?  I like to follow that … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…

Well, I knew it was coming.  With photos like these from early in the school year… He was bound to start receiving love notes like this: With this drawing on the flip side… A second note had the word “Ms” … Continue reading

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Who’s That?

At kindergarten, everyone is a “friend”.  The teachers always use the word ‘friend’ in relations between the children.  From the moment I first tuned into this word choice, I knew it was purposefully intended to instill kindness and friendship among … Continue reading

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