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The Monster.

Once upon a time there was a lovely young girl named Jessica.  She was my son’s best buddy. They played video games, sang songs and hung out.  Jessica spent a lot of time taking care of Toots when I was … Continue reading

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My son is six.  He still needs me to prompt him to use the toilet or he doesn’t go.  I want to watch a movie, even a children’s movie.  He cannot sit still or pay the least bit of attention … Continue reading

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Inside the Sandwich.

My mom is 78 years old.  She had the onset of Parkinson’s about eight years ago, before my son was born.  It has progressed over the years.  Now, she is bound to a wheelchair but lives in her own home … Continue reading

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And the Answer is…, Anyone?

I’ve posted a few times about my son’s desire to have me fill-in-the-blanks of his sentences.  Sometimes, I call him “the Professor” when he does this, because we all fall right into the trap of trying to finish his sentence. … Continue reading

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The Message in the Tree.

Deep in the woods, I was at home.  People were roaming around my yard, like it was some type of campground.  Tall pines were everywhere.  It was sunny.  Not too hot or cold.   I was not angry or surprised … Continue reading

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It’s the latter half of July in Northern California.  Let me clarify – in the inland portion of Northern California, away from the coast.  It’s raining.  I don’t remember a July when there was rain here.  Perhaps that is because … Continue reading

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“Wordy” Wednesday- The Temperamental Chef.

So, I’ve heard some things.  [see first commenter to the post here] Things about how “Wordless Wednesday” isn’t really wordless.  Not to be technical, but I always said “almost”! Well, so as to be clear about these Wednesday adventures – I’ve decided to … Continue reading

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