“Wordy” Wednesday- The Temperamental Chef.

So, I’ve heard some things.  [see first commenter to the post here] Things about how “Wordless Wednesday” isn’t really wordless.  Not to be technical, but I always said “almost”!

Well, so as to be clear about these Wednesday adventures – I’ve decided to change the title this week and give you a vlog of sorts instead.

Little Tootles is working a program in ABA called “pretend play”.  He LOVES pretending to play the chef in the “kitchen”.  The program has now morphed into a reinforcer.  He will work other programs to get to play ‘kitchen’ as a reward.

This 1.5 minute video shows him engaged in his reward play.  The “script” is below so you can follow along…

Chef: Which pan do you wanna be?

Customer: You can be either pan.

Chef: This one!

Customer: Okay.  Ready?  Let’s play kitchen!

Chef: Can we do this one?

Customer: Yeah, we can do either one.

Chef: Let’s put that one away.

Customer: Okay.

Chef: What would you…let’s play kitchen!  What would you like to eat today?

Customer: I’ll have some fries and some chicken.

Chef: Cheeseburger!  And burger.

Customer: I could have a burger too, I guess.

Chef: (mumbling) This – wanna- pick the chicken….

(Customer points to the “chicken” she wants)

Chef: All right.  Coming right up!

Customer: Thanks!

Chef: [Sound effects:  Shhht -shhhhtt….]

Customer: Oh, that’s sizzling!

Chef: That looks good!!

Customer: Yeah, it does!

Chef: That will be five dollars!

(Customer hands over money.)

Chef: Thank you!

Customer: You’re welcome!

Chef: Thank you, beep-beep!

Customer: Oh, you’re gonna give it back to me?  Cool!

And there you have it.  

Happy Wordy Wednesday!


About solodialogue

I'm a lawyer and the mom of a 6 year old boy with autism. I work part time and spend the rest driving here and there and everywhere for my son's various therapies. Instead of trying cases, I now play Pac-man and watch SpongeBob. I wear old sweaters and jeans and always, always flat shoes to run after my son. Yeah, it's different but I wouldn't change it for anything. The love of my child is the most powerful, beautiful and rewarding aspect of my life.
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15 Responses to “Wordy” Wednesday- The Temperamental Chef.

  1. Lisa says:

    Awesome. Loved watching this! Tootles can come cook for me any day! 🙂

  2. I loved Wordy Wed! Great job, Tootles! I especially liked how the chef complimented his own cooking! 🙂

  3. Flannery says:

    He’s come a long way, baby! Amazing and adorable!!!

    You must be very proud, mama.

  4. So Cute! I love his sound effects and enthusiasm! He is precious 🙂

  5. Teresa says:

    Lol! That is classic. Love the sizzling sounds!

  6. Precious. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  7. Allie says:

    The sizzles are too cute! Play food is an awesome therapy tool.

  8. Wow! That’s some VIGOROUS sizzling! LOL!

    I think LM would LOVE to play kitchen with T (we use it as a reinforcer too!). Come on over!

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