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The Last Straw.

I came early with him each day.  Butterflies in my stomach.  Hope in my heart, mixed with a heavy foreboding at what would probably be.  Each day filled me with worry. Monday morning, I left him happy. Monday afternoon, I … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…Comings & Goings.

Going to school.  Note:  Fresh eager child, with clean shirt, face, hair, new shorts and shoes. Home from school.  Note:  exhausted child, red cheeks, dirty shirt, dirt layered shorts, socks and shoes… How does that little rump accumulate so much … Continue reading

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A Little Lost and Found.

Toots is an “old timer” now when it comes to school.  After all, he did this all last year.  In kindergarten, he ditched me for the playground every day.  He still ditches me for the playground.  He’s been through a … Continue reading

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Doin’ The Math.

In class, the children were given a “worksheet”.  I don’t understand all that is involved in assessing children to create the appropriate curriculum to teach them all ‘together’.  The more contact I have with teachers, the more I learn it … Continue reading

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“Great First Day”

My son has started first grade.  This is not the ideal first grade placement.  He is coming from a school where there were 2 teachers for 12 students.  He is entering a school where there is one teacher for 28 … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – 1st Day – 1st Grade.

Why was this so much harder than kindergarten?!  New school.  New people.  He took it all in stride.  Me?  Not so much!! Happy Wednesday!

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School is set to start tomorrow. Of course, that meant that the last scheduled ABA meeting prior to the start of school would be cancelled and there was no available tutor for the entire afternoon for my son.  Surprise!  I … Continue reading

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