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Do You Speak Pronoun?

Softly, the words trailed off to incomprehensible mumbling.  “Louder,” I shout.  He sits forward and yells the first word of the sentence, with a jutting tilt of the head for emphasis.  The rest of the words are perceptibly softer and … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday – The Usual?

With his picky eating, Toots will only consume a couple different foods.  One of his staples is ordered this way… “Crunchy taco, no lettuce, easy meat, extra cheese and a strawberry shake.” I will get to “no lettuce…” and they … Continue reading

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Monday is my Friend.

Oh, Monday, how I love you. No, really.  I do. Because, on Monday, I get a break. All weekend, I am with my little companion.  24/7.  He’s quite a little conversationalist.  And the thing is, that he never runs out … Continue reading

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Forgotten and Reminded.

My son has ADHD as one of his co-morbid conditions with autism.  He takes a medication called Methylphen twice a day, once first thing in the morning and a second dose between 11:30 and noon at school. On the weekends, … Continue reading

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Like a Rock.

Sometimes, there are tears.  Without warning.  We will be talking or reading or playing.  I will get a sad face, followed by a waterfall.  Not screams or yelling or meltdowns.  No scripting, running, looking for or running from input – … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…Thee Bed.

Because this little guy, who looks like an angel, sleeps with, pushes, kicks, rolls and takes over my bed, and I sometimes literally am forced out of bed….  I need this: Donations are being accepted…  😉 Happy Wednesday!

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Shyness? Maybe, Maybe Not…

Monday morning came so quickly.  On the drive down to school for 30 minutes my child was talking about Pontiac Firebirds, whether they were black or blue, how fast they go, and what kind of cars I (mommy) should race … Continue reading

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