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Almost Wordless Wednesday…Posing.

My son still does not have the whole “pose for pictures” thing down. But I love him so much for trying, even when on vacation…Well, maybe he does have it down… Happy Wednesday!

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Thanks to all the Little People.

Toots got a lot of toys for Christmas.  On Christmas morning, he ripped open packages, but not with the joy of opening a present.  He was on the hunt for something he specifically asked Santa to bring.  In the aftermath, … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday…Eating Out (with help).

Within the last few weeks, we went out for lunch at The Yard House, a restaurant we went to once before.  This time, Toots noticed one of the many TVs throughout the restaurant. It was the first time he’d seen … Continue reading

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Breaking In.

There are two small, sealed containers.  You cannot see through them.  Inside one is a yellow m&m.  Inside the other is a blue m&m.  The tutor shakes both of them.  She excitedly wonders aloud what’s inside.  She hands one to … Continue reading

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When “Second” is Spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E…

Since he was able to talk, my kid has been able to spell.  I’ve mentioned before that, since he was an infant, whenever we had the TV on, I had the closed captioning on so I could hear or watch, … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Anatomy of the 24 hour EEG

Yep.  Every 6 months, Toots gets another EEG to check his seizure activity.  He has absence seizures – seizures in his sleep.  The last EEG took place during Christmas break so he wouldn’t miss school. The removal is done with … Continue reading

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The Symbol of the Tortoise.

These days everything green around my house is “Sheldon”. A remote control car, a bowl, a shirt, a marble. If it’s green, its name is, inevitably, “Sheldon”. The “original” Sheldon is a tortoise. He took the place of the geckos … Continue reading

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