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“I Don’t Want Autism.”

In early January, the results were back.  There was increased abnormal activity in the left temporal lobe.  The report called it “stable abnormal activity” which seemed just the epitome of ironic phrases to me. The first EEG showed left temporal … Continue reading

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Spring Magic.

Though the calendar says mid-March, trees are blossoming, daffodils are dotting the landscape, and pansies have been potted in outdoor containers all over the shopping centers in Northern California.  Temperatures have magically climbed into the upper 70’s.  Children in Mrs. … Continue reading

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The New Blue Symbol.

It was at the back of my mind, only because I shooed it there.  Go, go on.  It’s just a task, like laundry or making the bed.  Another task.  The alarm was set on my phone.  I knew it would … Continue reading

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Almost Wordless Wednesday: Living Art…

If you read here at all, you know my son has a thing for the first grade classroom turtle or tortoise, technically, known as Sheldon.  So, in tribute to Sheldon, he painted this picture: Well, this masterpiece was placed in … Continue reading

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The Autism Presentation.

I had never met the woman who was going to give the presentation to the class.  I saw the Power Point slides and the text that was intended to go with each slide about a month ago. I had redlined … Continue reading

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The Competition.

At home, my focus was on the microphone stand.  It was too high. I drug out the plastic stool with Handy Manny and his tools, stuck to the side, and placed it under the mike.  The shiny blue stool oozed … Continue reading

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